The brainchild behind the creation of this web site started back in September of 1999 (9/99).  However, between family responsibilities, holidays, and information organization, it took until the beginnings of the new millennium before the site was finally made public.

The history of this web site actually starts many years ago.  This web site is the continuation of many years of history compiled, assembled and organized by a number of different people.  As I first wrote in our Welcome Message, I would like to thank Mr. Carleton Machia, and Mr. Jean-Marie Messier.

We hope to increase our capabilities over time with software download areas, and links to other interesting sites throughout the web.  But as many people will recognize, technology is currently running at a faster pace than most of us.  Thus, it is rather difficult to predict the futures of this site.  I can promise that the site will not go stagnant as the months go by.  Therefore, if you have ideas or suggestions I truly would enjoy hearing them.


Bill Machia, Webmaster

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